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    EBA’s activity demonstrates the capabilities and power of professional partnership.
The year 2000 saw the beginning and the foundation of EBA with the signing of the memorandum of cooperation and join support with EMRC (Belgium), ICIE (Russia), The Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce and many other influential international organisations. Since its beginning Europe Business Assembly has awarded companies, academics and individuals for achievement in various fields at The Socrates Award Ceremony.

The Socrates Award Ceremony takes place at each Europe Business Assembly Event. These awards include, ‘The Queen Victoria Commemorative Medal’ given for irreproachable reputation and aspiration for perfection in business, education and social spheres. Awardees received the award for maintaining and promoting a high standard of humanitarian ethics in business, education and social spheres.

The European Quality Award given to companies who have continually strived to achieve high quality in accordance to European Standard. The Best Enterprise Award and the Manager of the Year Medal is given to businesses who have achieved great success in the growth of their company alongside the implementation of best practice in the fields of environment, employment and management.

The Socrates Award, for the highest standard of best practice either in business and educational institutions. The United Europe Award for the implementation of excellent best trade policy which promotes the breakdown of international barriers in business. And, The Name in Science Award highlighting individuals who contribute to the evolution of world science transforming and solving global issues.

   In 2001, EBA hosted its first conferences in Ostrava, Czech Republic, Neiredhaza, Hungary and Odessa, Ukraine. 2002 saw further expansion with the first Euromarket Forum held in Brussels, Belgium. The first International Meeting was held in Valletta, Malta and an additional event the Euromarket forum was held in Ukraine entitled ‘Ukraine – EU Strategy for Entering the New World Market’ hosted in Kiev.

In 2004, The Europe Business Assembly began its annual gatherings in Oxford. More than 6000 delegates from 56 countries have now taken part in these summits. The event is still ongoing and looks to challenge and highlight the global academic community’s capabilities to provide innovative solutions to improve and upgrade the technological tools and educational ideas.

It also aims to further enhance and advance scientific studies and promote academic achievements. However, this is only a small part of what has been gained through the Oxford event. Nowadays, the Oxford Summit of Leaders creates both academic and business ties to bridge the gap between the various fields which are included in the two categories respectively.

The event has allowed a vast number of businesses and educational networks to begin and flourish through networking sessions, key note speakers and exhibitions. The Oxford Summit of Leaders prides itself on the dynamic participation of leaders, respected dignitaries and tour đài loan từ hà nội international personalities including; Lord John Digby, Sirs Richard Needham and John Michael Middlecott Banham, Lord Mayors of Oxford Bryan Keen, Robert John Price, Jim Campbell and Elise Benjamin. Since this time, the Summit of Leaders has now become truly international with events in London, Vienna, Barcelona and Dublin as mentioned below.

2005 was again host to numerous conferences. It began with the EuroEducation conference held in Oxford and there was also the additional business meeting in London ‘Investing in Europe’.
   2006 saw the formation of the Club of Rectors of Europe (CRE). The CRE is an organisation dedicated to furthering communication and the exchange of ideas between rectors, professors, and scientists throughout the world. Members of the CRE gather at EBA events to share their experiences and discuss new ways of managing and improving their institutions.

Since its beginning, the CRE has expanded into a club of more than 150 members. 2006 also saw an expansion on the business conference front; the EuroEducation conference in Barcelona, Spain and the EuropeEmpex conference concerning the international business investment forum in London, UK were also held.

2008 saw the introduction of the annual New Years and Christmas ball in Vienna, Austria, as well as further events concerning education and business in Barcelona, Malta, Jordan and UK. 2009 was a particularly fruitful year beginning with a business visit to Geneva, Switzerland.
This was followed later in the year by a ceremonial reception held in honour of Anna the daughter of Yaroslav Mudry, The Queen of France in Senlis, Paris, France. The year continued with joint economic action with TTP in the Thames Valley, UK; and EBA hosted the Winsor debates.

Finally the year ended with the meeting of the President of the International Congress of the Manufacturers and Business Owners, V.K Gluhikh, and the Director General of EBA, John Netting with leaders of business, science and culture in Moscow, Russia.
   In 2010, the Medical Tourism Summit was introduced which recognise the global growth in investment in health and wellness tourism. Furthermore, Europe Business Assembly held its first conference in Italy for The Open European Scientific Forum. 2011 was host to numerous businesses networking opportunities between EBA and other businesses.

John Netting met with G. Berdymuhamedov, the President of Turkmenistan in Ashkhabad; and Elise Benjamin, the Lord Mayor of Oxford, hosted a summit devoted to new management models for modern cities, mayors, city managers and scientists from 27 countries took part.
Also The Summit of Leaders visited Montreux, Switzerland. 2012 saw the introduction of a new conference project for EBA, the ‘Achievements Forum’, which took place at the Institute of Directors, London, UK; and EBA hosted its first event in Ireland featuring presentations concerning investment projects held in Dublin. The event was opened by N.

Murrey, Lord Mayor of Dublin and businessmen and tour đài loan từ hà nội investors from 24 countries took part in the summit. John Netting also travelled to the Islamic Republic of Iran for a working visit. He took part in meetings with spiritual leaders, well known politicians and business leaders.
2012’s autumn summit was opened by the UK member of European Parliament Derek Clerk and participants from 32 countries were greeted by Lord Digby Jones’ opening speech. Also, Will Goodyear, president of the Club of Rectors of Europe, opened an education symposium on the problems of education in Nigeria.

2013 again saw EBA’s ‘Achievements Forum’ at the Institute of Directors in London, and EBA’s reputation continued to grow through the third international forum for Health and Wellness in Montreux, Switzerland. The Oxford Summit of Leaders was recognised as a highly respected event in science and education, with praise from attending specialists; and the first volume of ‘The Socrates Almanac’ ‘Science and Education 2013: Oxford View’ was published.

The Almanac has been publishing annually ever since.
   2014 was opened by the London Summit of Leaders ‘Rapid Urbanisation: Economy, Society, Management’. The forum was dedicated to the presentation of prospective projects and their investment. The two day event saw unique presentations from over 50 international presenters, sharing experience and best practice.

2014 also saw the formation of The Oxford Academic Union. The memorandum of the Oxford Academic Union was signed at the Oxford Summit of Leaders in October 2014. The OAU works in accordance with the CRE to support and promote international coordination with the aim of enhancing and improving education research and methods.

Europe Business Assembly annually hosts two events based upon the values of the OAU for its members. Members include high level academics, rectors and university chancellors from around the globe. This year also saw the launch of the new Europe Business Assembly project ‘The Prime Business Destination’, this programme is dedicated to highlighting and assisting developing city areas in: health, wellness and tourism; education; and urbanisation. The programme aims to bring experts and investors to cities that have been identified with investment potential, allowing cities to fully reach their investment potential.

The 2014 year was summarised with the Annual Vienna New Year’s Ball. 2015 is the 15 year anniversary of the formation of EBA and it is clear to see its continued growth and success. The first event of the year was the Achievements Forum dedicated to the presentation of Prime Business Destinations emerging cities.

The cities gave presentations to investment potential in their respective regions as well as their plans for the future. 2015 will soon be full of many other events with future plans to host events in, Switzerland, Austria, Cannes, Oxford and Italy. This year EBA celebrated the 15 year anniversary of the formation and it was clear to see its continued growth and success.

The first event of the year was the Achievements Forum dedicated to the presentation of Prime Business Destinations emerging cities. The cities gave presentations to investment potential in their respective regions as well as their plans for the future. Memorandums of cooperation between EBA and 12 cities were signed.

The year was full of many other events in the framework of the Prime business destinations programme hosted in Switzerland, Cannes, Jordan and Oxford. Participants from more than 60 countries presented more than 120 investment and innovative projects. The Academic Union initiates and co-organised remarkable events including visiting session ‘University of the Future; University Cities and Health Tourism ‘ at the Near East University.

In March, Prof Costigliola became the president of the Academic Union. In December 15th the Academic Lounge of Europe Business Assembly was opened by Lord Digby Jones, member of the House of Lords. The traditional Summit of Leaders and Socrates ceremony culminated the year.
During Summit of Leaders in Oxford December 15th, the Academic Union international incentive Smart Education Platform was presented. It will be launched in 2016 with the author programme ‘ Global Business for an Efficient Manager’. On 22 March 2016, the Traditional Summit of Leaders ‘Achievements-2016’ was held in London, UK.

The event was attended by more than 120 delegates from 32 countries around the world. After the plenary session, potential investors, businessmen, scientists and medical workers presented their projects and unique programmes of economic development. These included presentations about territories and companies working in the sphere of science and education, medicine and city sustainability.


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